Our great NZ team bring quality European brands to the market, focusing on office products and stationery.  Established in 2006, Eurobrands is 100% NZ owned.

Castelli has been crafting paper notebooks and diaries in their workshop in Bergamo for over 50 years. The alchemy of their family is at the heart of each collection we create. Their collections are designed and made in Bergamo Italy. Castelli continues to be innovators of world first artistic processes, working with our exclusive materials in their craft workshop.

CIAK — Handmade in Italy, CIAK journals and notebooks feature a soft Italian journal cover and superior high quality paper that is beautiful to write on. CIAK features a unique patented horizontal band closure that holds your pen well.

Cartesio — Handmade in Italy, the Cartesio notebook has a simple, minimalist quality when touched and opened. The beautiful soft cover and acid-free archival quality cream paper make this a notebook with class.

Filofax gives us mobile office organisers, study and personal tools that we can customise to fit our needs and lifestyle.
The innovation of refillable notebooks and clipbooks from this well-known British brand is taking off, with the options to personalise having wide appeal.
Ethical sources and sustainability are core values of this 80s status symbol brand that was registered in 1930.

Fiskars — School, Office, Craft
This brand gives you inspiration, innovation and tools for your craft projects.
The product range includes powerful scissors, decorative scissors, hand and craft design punches, paper edgers, rotary cutters and a vast selection of creative tools.
Founded in 1649 in Finland, Fiskars cutting tools have won many design awards and are globally recognised for quality, craftsmanship and product warranty.

Lamy thinking tools — ‘Made in Germany’ quality guarantee
High quality designer writing instruments defined by classical forms, visual balance, clean outlines and lifestyle appeal.
The faster fashions change, the more people need something to hold on to. These writing tools are a medium and vehicle for ideas and thoughts.
Change can be pleasant, so long as your feet maintain some contact with the ground. Lamy gives us things that accompany us through life.

In 1812 John Letts forever changed the way we record personal history by combining a journal with a calendar. Originally based in Diary House nestled among the arcade of the royal exchange, he engineered a unique accessory; inventing and publishing the world’s first known commercial diary.

For more than 200 years, global generations of people including royalty and key historical figures have used a Letts product to plan and journal their lives.

Miquelrius embraces their heritage from Parets del Valles, a family business founded in 1839 in Barcelona, Spain. They’ve evolved from a manufacturer of traditional notebooks to an industry leader setting quality standards and fashion trends.
The use of colour and design is a defining characteristic of the brand. Their designers include renowned fashion designers and advertising illustrators Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Jordi Labanda, Marta Colomer and more – these talented people, along with the Miquelrius design team have created the distinctive Miquelrius style.

The Moleskine® notebook is the heir and successor to the legendary notebook used by artists and thinkers over the past two centuries: among them Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway and Bruce Chatwin.

Today Moleskine is an aspirational, global brand, synonymous with the lifestyle of innovation and creativity rooted in culture, travel, memories and personal identity. One of the pillars of this iconic brand is resourcefulness – the fulfilment of greatness even under difficult circumstances and with limited resources, which is so relevant right now in our world.

Continuing the legacy of Pierre Cardin, the success of this brand demonstrates that Pierre Cardin is not only a fashion trademark, he’s also a symbol of timelessness.
The collection of original Pierre Cardin writing instruments and stationery has an emphasis on design and detail and builds on Pierre Cardin’s visionary goal in 1959 to bring fashion and design to the general public.

“Each thought is worth writing down” – With most development and production in Germany, Schneider is known for quality and innovation. The product range of writing utensils is vast. You can offer genuine brand name Schneider products for promotional marketing and customise your pen for colour, imprinting and engraving.
Created in the late 1940’s, initially to manufacture superior refills, Schneider based in the Black Forest, has been recognised for their commitment to environmental issues.