Schneider Klick Captive Pen

  • So convenient – the Klick Ballpoint pen with expandable cord
  • Self-adhesive holder, i.e. for desk, by phone, in car
  • Pen holder can be rotated to any position
  • Waterproof ink
  • Refill – Slider 775 M


The Klick ballpoint pen with an expandable cord and pen holder. Ideal for places where a pen is required at a particular location, e.g. at a cash desk, by the telephone, in the car, etc. The Klick-Fix is self-adhesive and its jaws can be turned to any required position. Writing colour blue. With replaceable refill Express 775 Medium (M). Waterproof according to ink standard ISO 12757-2. The wear-resistant stainless steel tip guarantees that the large ink supply can be fully used and does not smear.